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December 30, 2019 by SV

I carefully select vacation homes. Often, I’m an exclusive agent for the homeowners, making my portfolio truly unique. I offer a wide range of houses and activities so that all tastes, interests and budgets can be accommodated. All homes are set in graceful surroundings and offer the highest levels of enticing Italian hospitality.

All the holiday homes are listed after I’m completely satisfied that they meet my rigorous criteria.

My homes are special yet fantastically ordinary; offer lovely Italian sceneries and the possibility to access to our best regional cuisine; have charming yet uncomplicated décor with no compromises on facilities and comfort; are welcoming and friendly, with owners ready to help when necessary; are clean and well maintained.

I look over each holiday home thoroughly before I give it my stamp of approval. In many cases, I stay at the home myselfe and use the time to explore the local area to make sure the surroundings meet my standards as well.

How can I best assist you in your holiday planning? Does one of these options suit you?


“I want to be spoiled with a holiday planned around my wishlist; I do not want to have to think before and during my holiday. I need everything planned, organized, prepared, including chauffer and cook.”

Planning, Booking and Lots of Information

“I have a pretty good idea of the holiday I am after but I want you to put it together for me. I love being autonomous when I am on holiday; it is just the planning and booking bit I want help with.”

Find and Book a Vacation Home

“I only want your help in booking the right holiday home for me. I enjoy planning my own activities from there.”

Authentic Activities

“I have booked my holiday rental and planned my days out, but I want a cook to shop and prepare my meals and a driver to take me on all my day trips.”

Wow Me

“I have no time for any planning or organization. I don’t even know what the options are. Please put together a package that will surprise me.”

Please see our contact form to let me know more about you and your vacation needs.